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Little Moments of Happiness

Life is crazy right now and I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time keeping my head above water. A few nights ago I remembered that I had been keeping a list on my phone of little things that make me happy. I read through them and could not stop smiling. So, I thought I’d share them here with all of you. Even in times of great uncertainty, there are always little moments of happiness.

The curl of a wave before it hits the shore

Birds using their absurdly small legs to run away instead of flying

Songs you know by heart coming on the radio

Waking up refreshed

When people are reading in public and smiling to themselves

Tea at the perfect temperature

Cool summer evenings with a good book

A perfectly ripe piece of fruit

Puppy snuggles

Cherry blossoms in bloom

Used book stores

Laughing until your sides hurt

Perfectly timed high-fives

Gentle summer thunderstorms

Killer lipstick colors that match your outfit

Clear night skies

Clean, fresh sheets

Brand new journals

The smell of freshly baked treats

Small habits people do when thinking hard

When the sky is filled with different colors right before the sunset

Walking into a bookstore and feeling like you’ve left the world behind

Realizing that you don’t have anything to do and just being lazy

When the sun comes out after lots of overcast days

Making a bad joke and having one person laugh

When people talk about something they love and seeing their face light up, their eyes bright

Cloud seas when on an airplane

When rays of sunshine poke through the clouds

When you see a dog and get excited and the dog is just as excited to see you

People goofing off in public, not caring about other people’s judgement

Putting on warm, fuzzy socks when your feet are cold

A freshly made bed, the perfect temperature

Long phone calls with a loved one

Forehead kisses

Warm showers

Platonic cuddles

Leaf piles

Flickering light from fireplaces and candles

When puppies snore and their little paws twitch and you can guess what they’re dreaming

Calling a dog of any age ‘puppy’ and having them respond like “Yes!! I am puppy!!!”

Watching your favorite movie under fuzzy blankets

Putting on your favorite outfit and killing it

Waking up with nothing to do so you go back to sleep

When you’ve finished cleaning and your space feels new

Those first days in spring when you can open the windows again

Flowers starting to bloom after a long winter

Noticing how bright the stars are when you leave the city

Having someone you admire looking at a project of yours and saying “good job!”

Take some time every day to notice the little things that make you happy. And share them! Let’s remember that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times…


2 thoughts on “Little Moments of Happiness”

  1. So encouraging… My additions:

    Sitting with someone and just listening to how they are doing and that great relief to get your mind off yourself.

    Seeing the world around you through the wonder of the eyes of a child.

    Watching a child just live in each moment and trust you when you say, “everything will be fine.” Thinking, can I find that trust again.

    That first sip of coffee in the morning.

    Seeing a cardinal in a barren tree in the winter and remembering the world will once again explode in beautiful color, but this season has purpose too.


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