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Hi friends and family! One of the best things about this blog is that not only can all of my friends and family stay updated on the many things happening in my life, it has also opened up a space for a great spoonie community!

I had the opportunity a couple of months ago to message back and forth with Alexandra Guillot, an author and fellow spoonie. As we talked, she mentioned that she was writing a book, Invisible Conversations, about her journey with chronic illness with helpful tips and advice for others going through a similar situation. Then, the most amazing thing happened: Alex offered to let me read her book before it was published. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. (Me? Reading a book?? Who would have thought!)

At the beginning of April, I received the awaited email, “Invisible Conversations: Manuscript”. That weekend I went to my favorite café, laptop in tow, and sat down to read. My intention was only to read the first couple of chapters as I wanted to go plant shopping later, but before I knew it, I had read the entire book.

My friends, let me tell you, this book is everything. All the things I’ve struggled to say, feelings I’ve wanted to express, and things I have learned since being diagnosed and starting this blog, Alexandra Guillot manages to gather it all and wrap it in a pretty bow for her book.

She has lived her life fighting to be seen and heard as a person with invisible chronic illness and this has given her a lifetime of knowledge that she shares with fellow spoonies. Reading Invisible Conversations in that café made me feel like I was sitting and talking with Alex right there. She’s relatable, funny, and filled with facts and statistics. She interviewed medical professionals, shares personal stories, and is honest in ways that have, in my darker illness moments, inspired me to continue writing this blog.

Invisible Conversations is a must-have on every spoonie’s bookshelf. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to read this book ahead of publishing and am immensely grateful to Alex for sharing her story.

Since reading the manuscript, I have referred back to it when trying to explain a chronic illness symptom to a new doctor and when I needed to find the right words to express my emotions. Alex writes with such clarity and sincerity she shows she is extraordinarily knowledgeable and cares deeply for her readers.

I cannot give this book enough praise, and I share it here with all of you so that you too can find a friend in Invisible Conversations.

You can purchase Invisible Conversations from Amazon here:

($19.99 for paperback, $0.99 for Kindle if you buy in the next 30 days)

or from Kobo here:

You can also follow Alexandra Guillot on Instagram here:


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