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Goal for this month: Keep a Tidy Home

To do this month:

  • Clean 10 minutes every weekday
  • Clean 30 minutes every weekend
  • Drink at least two full water bottles a day
  • Update the blog at least twice a month

Day 1 and 2: And just like that, my Dream Life Project has officially begun! I suppose it makes sense that I began the project cleaning as this whole project is about cleaning my life. On a less metaphorical note, I just moved to a new apartment, so I’ve spent the past few days cleaning regardless. (The people who lived here before me were not the cleanest, and they definitely smoked indoors. Side note: if anyone has any tips for getting stale cigarette smell out of the corners of the house, I’m all ears.)

I began my new job today and while I’m very excited, I’m also very tired. I did not leave my last job on the best of terms with my employers (more on that once the labor board makes a ruling regarding my case…) so I’m managing that stress along with the nervousness of a new workplace. This Dream Life Project is something I’m looking forward to, but am also feeling a little anxious about. I know that I have it in me to achieve my goals and do what I set out to do, but will I actually do it?

Anyway, I have the whole rest of this year to wonder and worry. Why get it all out now?


4 thoughts on “March”

  1. We have faith that you’ll achieve your goals! Praying for your new job!
    Open windows, use air freshener ver judicially then put one you enjoy the smell of in the corner! Open windows is the best hint.
    Love you!


    1. Yes, it will be alright in the and if it isn’t, it isn’t the end! Doing one thing at a time is the best way. Love you lots, Duchess. Don’t forget the fairies!


  2. Congratulations on your new job and your new apartment! Each decision you make throughout the day can be a reason to celebrate as you honor yourself and your goals. This can be hard to see in real time, so I am glad that you come here to assess and share as you go. I love you!


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